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Return To Learn

Palo Verde Unified School District is planning for our students to return to their learning on August 10th, the first day of school for students. We will ensure increased safety and health measures at all schools. PVUSD is following the health guidance of the following Federal, State and County Agencies to safely reopen schools: Center for Disease and Control (CDC), California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and Riverside University Health System (RUHS) Public Health.

Palo Verde has formed a stakeholder task force that meets weekly to plan for the safe reopening of our schools. The task force consists of parents, district staff, teachers, administrators and community members.

The Triad Approach - PVUSD's 'Return to Learn' Model allows three choices for student learning; giving students and their parents/guardians more options. The three choices are:

Traditional - students come back to in-person learning with their teacher and classmates. The traditional model will have enhanced safety measures, such as having students remain with their same learning group throughout the day to reduce student to student interactions. Additional daily safety practices by staff and students consist of daily temperature checks, wearing face coverings, social distancing (as much as possible), and frequent hand washing.

Hybrid - Students come back to school two full days per week (Traditional) approach and three days a week (Teacher-Led Distance Learning) approach. For example, on Tuesday and Thursday the student will come to school; on Monday, Wednesday and Friday the student will be home learning from their teacher using the online learning platform. This allows students to learn through computer-based virtual lessons, activites, and videos. The teacher can take attendance, grade and communicate with their students. Teachers will be directing/guiding and assigning the distance learning assignments and providing feedback on their learning through Acellus, Google Classroom and Zoom Education. Students will also be provided a school Chromebook to take home.

Teacher-Led Distance Learning - Students will be taught by their teacher while remaining at home. The teacher is responsible for student learning. Teachers will be instructing, assigning, providing feedback, and assessing student learning. Teachers and students will use Acellus, Google Classroom and Zoom Education. Students will be provided a school Chromebook to access their teacher directed virtual learning while they are at home.

Chromebooks - PVUSD will be providing all students Chromebooks to take home. Students will checkout their Chromebook for the school year and will be responsible for the proper care of their Chromebook. We are expecting students to care for their Chromebook the same as they would for their textbook and library book. We will begin checking Chromebooks out to students when school begins in August. We will start with students in the Teacher-Led Distance Learning and Hybrid learning. Traditional students will be on the second Chromebook checkout phase in August.

PVUSD online learning platform: all students will have access to this platform. The online platforms are available to students using any of the Triad approach options.

PVUSD has increased and enhanced our online learning platform allowing students to better learn from their home, while allowing teachers to take attendance, teach, and assess/grade student learning. Acellus, Google Classroom and Zoom Education gives teachers and students the tools they need for distance learning. PVUSD will be providing students with Chromebooks to checkout for the 2020-2021 school year to bring home.

Acellus - online video-based instruction aligned with grade-level state content standards. Teachers are able to control the level of rigor for each course. This allows adjusting for individual students' learning needs so that students needing extra support can catch up and students needing acceleration and enrichment are challenged. PVUSD teachers support their students with Acellus learning and with their assignments.


Google Classroom - online Google Classroom enhances teaching and learning for students through access to their assignments and increased teacher and student online collaboration and communication. Teachers create classes, distribute assignments, provide feedback and grades to students through Google Classroom.

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Zoom Educate - Online virtual audio and video communication allowing teachers to take attendance, teach and support learning, and communicate with their students. Zoom Educate allows for the virtual, face to face learning and communication between teacher and student needed for the hybrid and teacher-led distance learning options.

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